Custom Guide

Step 1
Send enquiry to us
After submitting your inquiry, our experts will discuss your product requirements and make sure whether we can bring your ideas to life.
Step 2
Designs communication
We will work out on your silicone rubber goods designs and send you a custom price estimate for your project. In the mean time, we have to talk about the estimate order quantity.
Step 3
Product development
We will start the styles of mould making and buy the suitable material for your designs and will send them to you for selection. It would take 10-20 days on making samples.
Step 4
Bulk production
Once you are satisfied with the silicone rubber samples, we will begin bulk production. If needed, you will receive pre-production samples and you have to arrange downpayment.
Step 5
Quality checks & control
When the production is complete, our quality control team will inspect the silicone rubber goods to ensure there are no issues. We will solve all the production issues before the products are sent to the packaging department.
Step 6
Packing and Shipping
We’ve come to the final part! Here, we will help you handle the shipping paperwork and find the best ways for your products to be shipped to your address. This stage is where the final payment for the balance and shipping will be required before we ship your goods.